A variety of primary and secondary documents helped this project come to life. The majority of those documents and photographs came from the Archives of Baker University and the Kansas Area of the United Methodist Church in the Collin Library at Baker University, Baldwin City, Kansas.

Baker University Yearbooks:

The Baker Beacon 1893.

The Baker Orange Blossom 1894.

B.U. Hatchet 1895.

Curfew 1905.

Baker University Forty-Niner 1908.

Baker University Jubilee 1909.

Baker University Trailer 1910.

The Baker Orange Blossoms 1911 – 1916.

Baker University Wildcat 1921 – 1979.

Baker University Centurion 1958.


Alumni Record of Baker University, 1st ed. Baldwin City, KS: 1917

Baker University Board of Trustees. Board of Trustees Minutes, Spring 1979.

In Baker University Athletic Hall of Fame File:

Hall of Fame inductee profiles, 1977 – 2003.

In Baker University Track and Field File:

“8th Annual Baker Relay Carnival: Official Program, 1931.”

“Baker University Relay Carnival Program, 1924.”

“Baker University Relay Carnival Program, 1996

Baker University Alumni Office, 1978-79. “Extra Mile: Baker Track and Field Special Announcement.”

Baker University Public Relations Office. “Track to be Reintroduced – January 24, 1979.”

“Undated untitled page regarding Basketball, Football, and Kansas Conference Track and Field Meet.”

Walker, President J.C. “Memo to: The Coordinating Committee – January 2, 1979.”

Walker, President J.C. “Statement on Track and Women’s Basketball – December 8, 1975.”

Washington State University Sports Information Office. “Karl. A. Schlademan Dies – January 8, 1981.”

In E.J Cragoe Papers (note his papers were unorganized/processed when I used them):

Baker University Faculty Representative to the KCAC Files (these include expense and eligibility reports).

KCAC Secretary Files.

Various KCAC track and field meet sheets.

Various Baker University Relay Carnival Programs.

In Dan Harris Papers:

“Undated untitled page regarding Kansas Conference Track and Field team finishes 1904 to 1938.”

“Unpublished, History of the Heart of America Athletic Conference.”

In Rob Mallinder Papers:

“All-Americans and Vague Former Coaches List.”

“Track and Field Performance List and Conference Records.”


In Baker University Track and Field Pictures File:
 “1907 team picture.”

“1941 team picture.”

“Palmer Mai on podium, 1953.”

“Undated untitled female discuss thrower.”

“Undated untitled grass throwing ring picture.”

“Undated untitled high jump picture A.”

“Undated untitled high jump picture B.”

“Undated untitled hurdles picture A.”

“Undated untitled hurdles picture B.”

“Undated untitled long jump picture.”

“Undated untitled pole vault picture.”

“Undated untitled shot put picture.”

“Undated untitled starting line picture.”

“Undated untitled team picture A, circa 1958-1963.”

“Undated untitled team picture B.”

“Untitled 1993 track dedication picture.”

“Warren E. Metzger Track, October 13, 1980.”

In Liston Stadium Pictures File:

“Undated untitled aerial view”

“Early plans for the stadium”

“Undated untitled students working, façade.”

“Undated untitled students working, memorial fence.”

“Undated untitled students working, wheel barrow.”


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