This digital history exhibit was constructed by Andrew McGregor, and explores the history and tradition of the Baker University track and field program. The information and images on these pages were first compiled in my senior thesis in history completed in the Spring of 2007. The information has been lightly edited and expanded for this website. Prior to this research, there was no coherent or organized data on the history of track and field at Baker University. Indeed, there still is not similar information for many of its peer sports. In many ways, this project mirrors that of a media guide although school records and other data have been omitted from this digital version. Although this exhibit celebrates the success and tradition of the Baker track and field program, implicit in these pages is an argument about the development of early college athletics and the divergence of small-college sports.

Inspiration for the digitization of my thesis comes from the Nevada University History project at the University of Nevada, Reno. I’ve also consulted the information and  student samples at the University of Nebraska Digital History Project. This is my first attempt at creating digital history and remains a work in progress. For reflections and further discussions of the exhibit’s creation and purpose please visit the site  blog. I owe special thanks for guidance, inspiration, and information for the both original and online project to Karen Exon, Alicia Barber, Paul Bracke, Dan Harris, Rob Mallinder, Brenda Day, the Baker University Athletic Department, and the Archives of Baker University and the Kansas Area of the United Methodist Church.

About Baker

Baker University is a small, liberal arts college with less than 1,000 undergraduate students located in Baldwin City, Kansas. The school sponsors 19 athletic teams that compete in the Heart of America Athletic Conference and the National Association for Intercollegiate Athletics.


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