The Baker University Track and Field program is historically highlighted by exceptional coaches and athletes, a dominating streak of conference titles, and quality facilities. The program built its reputation and cemented its place among peer institutions by establishing its own relay meet and enhancing its level of competition through changing conference affiliations. These highlights did not come without adversity, however,  the program also experienced threats by political and religious leaders. This online exhibit explores these ups and downs while documenting the history and tradition of small-college track and field at Baker University. The project offers both a narrative of the program’s storied history and a quick-reference of year-by-year breakdown of the team’s results.

The narrative portion of the team’s history is broken down into six periods:

  • The Early Years: 1893-1920 — examines the founding and early days of intercollegiate athletics and track and field at Baker University.
  • Team Building: 1920 – 1943 — discusses the program’s rise to prominence and most successful years.
  • Keeping Pace: 1945 – 1970 — is characterized by strong individual performances and the program’s attempts to keep up with the University’s other sports.
  • Stayin’ Alive: 1971 – 1987 —  explores the effects of Title IX and coaching instability on the program.
  • The Rebirth: 1988 – 2007 — traces the program’s modernization and return to prominence.
  • Moving Forward: 2008 – present — reviews the recent history of the program since the original project.